Imagine a world where you would never have to leave your cozy favorite shell envorinment. Sounds pretty awesome, huh? Well, CLINotes does not solve all your problems and in fact it does not solve any problem at all. But let's stop with the euphoric chorus of praise and get serious again:

The CLINotes server and client are side-projects to manage notes from the command line. On a rainy sunday (not true!) a bored magician (not true!) with software development skills (maybe) was so bored, that she (who knows?) started to write a remote API server and command line tool for managing text notes.


Luckily there is already a CLINotes server running at and you can just dive into downloading the client using the much-loved Homebrew flow:

$ > brew tap clinotes/cn
$ > brew install cn


In order to ensure access to only your personal notes, you need an user account! Accounts are free and only require a valid email address, the server does not care about your name or whatever.

$ > cn signup [email protected]


As you are now the proud owner of an account you can start writing notes! Isn't that awesome? Just stay in your cozy shell environment and use CLINotes to store useless or even meaningful notes from your command line! But beware of the missing encryption 😢

$ > cn add This is a note from CLI!


There is no better way to support other developers than to release open source software. Sure you can read about software development, but looking at real code beats everything. Side-projects are an awesome way to learn, it's like traveling to learn a new spoken language. As this project was created just for fun, there may be no high load performance tests, security checks or whatever you would expect for a real production software. Sharing is caring!


All sources of the server and the command line client are available at GitHub! There is no need to whine for new features, you can add them by yourself! Encryption for example? 😘

 CLINotes server  CLINotes client

The server runs perfectly using free Heroku dynos and the free Postgres database. Somewhere in the more or less near future there will be guide on how to setup your very own API server to store your notes on your private infrastructure. You will need a free Postmark account for email delivery and if you plan to charge for subscriptions (draft available in server and client) you need a Stripe account as well.

Caution: This is a free and open source side-project created just for fun. Neither should you rely on this tool and services, nor should you put any sensitive information in it. All code is released under the GPLv3 license!